Cooking with skuna

Pan Seared Salmon

with browned soy butter, shitake and bok choi

30 min

Indulge in culinary simplicity with our pan-seared salmon adorned with rich browned soy butter, accompanied by tender shitake mushrooms and crisp bok choy. This easy-to-follow recipe, ready in just 30 minutes, brings together the succulence of salmon with the earthiness of mushrooms and the freshness of bok choy, all elevated by the nutty essence of browned soy butter.


  • 7 oz.
    4 whole
    3 oz.
    fresh ginger
    2 cloves
    1 whole
    serrano chili
    0.5 cup
    soy sauce
  • 20 oz.
    salmon filet
    2 tbsp.
    neutral vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp.
    sesame oil
    4 whole
    bok choi
    5 oz.
    fresh shitake mushrooms
  • 1
    2 tbsp.

1. Browning the Butter

Start with browning the butter in a sauté pan. Stir frequently as the butter starts to bubble and take the pan of the heat when you can see it slightly browning and gives of a nutty smell.

Add finely chop charlottes and chili and minced garlic and ginger. Add with soy sauce into the butter and set aside.

2. Searing the Salmon

Cut salmon filets in 4 equal pieces and start pan searing them in vegetable oil, and season with salt. Let the salmon brown properly on one side for 4-5 minutes before you flip it. Turn off the heat and let it rest in the pan until serving.

3. Shitake and Pok Choi

Destem the shitake mushroom and brown it in sesame oil in a frying pan and do the same with the bok choi. Put a lid on the pan to steam the cabbage the last minute.

4. Serve

Heat up the sauce again and add lemon juice and chives. Plate it up in portions with butter sauce, fish, cabbage and mushrooms.