Selection Process

The Art of Selection: Our Exclusive Process

Behind Every Bite, A Story of Excellence

At Skuna Bay, the journey from our cold, glacier-fed waters to your table is marked by an exclusive selection process that ensures only the best salmon carries our name. This meticulous process is not just about selecting the finest fish; it’s about upholding a tradition of excellence and a commitment to quality that sets Skuna Bay apart.

Step by step

Our Path to Perfection

1. Hand Cleaning & Inspection

Every Skuna Bay Salmon begins its journey with care, as our experts meticulously hand-clean and inspect each fish. This initial step ensures that only the healthiest, most robust salmon move forward in our process.

2. Expert Selection

Our salmon selection is an art form, performed by skilled craftsmen with years of experience. They assess each fish for its size, color, and overall health, ensuring that only the best salmon receive the Skuna Bay seal of approval.

3. Packing with Precision

Once selected, our salmon are carefully packed by hand. This step is crucial in preserving the freshness and quality of the fish, from our waters to your kitchen.

4. Traceability & Transparency

We seal each box with a traceable, tamper-proof label, providing chefs and consumers with the confidence that they are receiving the freshest, highest quality salmon available. From farm to table, our process is open and transparent, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction.

Savor the Skuna Bay Difference

Choosing Skuna Bay means selecting a salmon that has been cared for with the utmost attention to detail, from the pristine waters of Canada to the finest restaurants and retailers. It is a choice for those who appreciate culinary excellence.

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