Quality Mark

Uncomprom­ising Excellence: The Skuna Bay Quality Mark

Welcome to a Legacy of Culinary Perfection

At Skuna Bay, excellence isn’t just a standard; it’s our way of life. Our commitment to providing the highest quality salmon to chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike is not just a promise—it’s an achievement marked by our distinguished Quality Mark. This emblem of excellence signifies more than just superior taste; it represents our unwavering dedication to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and the art of salmon farming.

A Mark of Trust and Taste

Since 2013, Skuna Bay Salmon has graced the tables of the prestigious James Beard House Dinners, a testament to our salmon’s exceptional quality and taste. This honor  is a badge we wear proudly; it’s a commitment we renew every day. The featured chefs at these dinners, having previously worked with our salmon, choose Skuna Bay for its unparalleled flavor and consistency, plating their own versions of the perfect salmon dish.

Crafted by Nature, Perfected by Skuna Bay

Our salmon begins its journey in the cold, glacier-fed waters of Canada, where the perfect salinity and strong tidal currents create an ideal environment for growth.  It’s not just the pristine waters that make our salmon special. It’s the care and expertise of the most experienced salmon farmers—guardians of the sea—who nurture each fish with attention and respect.

Sustainability at Our Core

The Quality Mark is also a symbol of our commitment to the planet. Mindful of our environmental footprint, we employ innovative farming technologies and practices to ensure our operations contribute to the health of our ocean waters. Our dedication to low-carbon farming and partnerships with organizations like Terra Pass to offset CO2 emissions underscores our commitment to sustainability.

Experience the Skuna Bay Difference

When you choose Skuna Bay, you’re not just selecting salmon. You’re choosing a legacy of quality, sustainability, and culinary excellence. Our Quality Mark is your assurance that every bite of Skuna Bay Salmon will be a journey of taste, purity, and responsibility.


Savor the unparalleled quality and taste that only comes from Skuna Bay. Because when it comes to salmon, nothing else compares.

James Beard Foundation

Our partnership with the James Beard Foundation began in 2012 when Skuna Bay became a House Purveyor of the James Beard House. Click below to learn about the foundation and all their great work
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