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When you figure out a way to do things differently – with little technology and power but with the strength of a few passionate, experienced people - you think about things differently.


First you'll want to know one thing: our salmon is only reared in one place and that is the only place where salmon should be raised — its natural ocean environment. If you want salmon that spent its life in a tank, you don't want our fish.

The second thing to know is that we are passionate about raising salmon. We believe that the best salmon comes from personal care and attention to detail, from the hundreds of judgment calls that we experienced farmers make every day in the raising of our fish. We believe that living on the farm 24 / 7 and knowing our fish the way we do results in a better salmon.

Our salmon is selected for you by one of six approved salmon experts at a small, family owned operation by salmon professionals who have the same level of pride in their profession as we do in ours. They ensure that only the very best salmon are chosen for our customers and that they're prepared to the most exacting standards.