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Gold River, B.C. (October 14, 2013) — Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon is proud to introduce its newest offering: Skuna Bay White Sturgeon Caviar from the Northern Divine sturgeon farms in Sechelt Inlet in British Columbia, the only White Sturgeon Caviar that is rated as a “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program.

Skuna Bay Craft Raised Caviar came about as a natural extension of Skuna Bay’s relationship with Northern Divine which have for years, provided Skuna Bay with some of its “eyed” eggs that eventually mature into Skuna Bay’s full grown Coho Salmon. Having long established a symbiotic relationship, the next natural step was to introduce Northern Divine’s world class sturgeon caviar to Skuna Bay’s chef customers in the United States.

“When Northern Divine approached us about launching Skuna Bay white sturgeon caviar we were flattered and excited because we knew that their high standards, attention to detail and of course responsible rearing methods paralleled those of our Craftsman Farmers,” said David Mergle from Skuna Bay Salmon. “the fact that Seafood Watch® has ranked it as a “Best Choice”, the only caviar to receive this recommendation, was a positive but our main interest was their commitment to craftsman methods and consistently high standards. We also like that, just like our salmon, each sturgeon and its caviar is uniquely tracked and traceable.”

Said Farmer Justin Henry, " we are impressed by Skuna Bay’s high standards and craftsmanlike approach to salmon and we felt that their rigourous attention to detail would mean that our caviar would always be treated with respect and honesty as they introduced us to the top chefs in America."

Skuna Bay’s new White Sturgeon Caviar is harvested from first generation sturgeon that are only now coming to maturity after 12 years of rearing in the same areas of British Columbia where many of Skuna Bay’s farms are located. All natural with only a consistent application of pure, refined Canadian salt in the curing method, this white sturgeon caviar was ranked by Travel + Leisure Magazine as one of the top caviars in the world in a 2011 issue. Skuna Bay White Sturgeon Caviar is harvested one fish at a time, 12 months of the year in a unique method where maturity is controlled by a unique, natural process using a cold fresh water supply from the local Tetrahedron Mountain range to extend the spawning season.