Celebration of Taste and Perfection

About us

We are Skuna Bay

We are a high-quality salmon brand of Grieg Seafood valued by top restaurants, leading chefs, and premium retail stores. Raised in the natural environment, our salmon is looked after by the most experienced salmon farmers. The cold glacier-fed waters of Vancouver Island provide the perfect salinity and strong tidal currents to allow for the best tasting salmon.


Mindful of nature, we are proud of our dedication to the environment, the local communities, and the sustainability of our ocean waters. Savor the flavor of our amazing salmon in your favorite restaurant or while cooking with Skuna in the comfort of your own home.

Our Journey of Culinary Excellence

Skuna Bay Salmon was established in 2011 to satisfy the needs of premium restaurants and chefs. Over the years Skuna Bay Salmon has been honored to participate in some of the most coveted events, partnered with top chefs and has been selected as salmon of choice. Here is a snapshot of our journey that has earned the trust, respect, and support of salmon aficionados.

Our Journey

Skuna Salmon

Nothing Compares

Cooking With Skuna

Let us inspire you to unlock your creativity in the kitchen. Are you cooking for a special event or a quick easy dinner? Either way Skuna Bay has you covered. With salmon so versatile you can enjoy its healthy goodness in a variety of tasty ways. Here are a few of our favorite dishes that are a celebration of taste, quality and perfection.

Our Favorites

Quality Mark

Our consistent high-quality and exceptional taste has given chefs the confidence they need to serve our salmon. Since 2013 Skuna Bay Salmon has been featured at the prestigious James Beard House Dinners. The featured chefs have all previously worked with our salmon, plating their own version of the perfect salmon dish.

Exclusive Process

Our exclusive process is meant to give you that fresh-from-the-ocean eating experience.  To achieve this, we pioneered our own exclusive method of hand cleaning, inspecting, selecting, and packing.  After our salmon expert seals up the carton with our traceable, tamper proof label, your fish monger or chef is the next to touch the fish, providing freshness you can taste.

Our Responsibility

Our Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Dedication

en·vi·ron·men·tal – adjective: relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition.
ded·i·ca·tion – noun: the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

Skuna Bay salmon is farmed with deep care for our fish, nature and the environment. It is our farmers’ job to ensure our natural waters stay as pristine as they were when we arrived. We would be crazy to be anything but protective of our environment, because pristine waters mean healthy fish and a successful farm. While all food production leaves a footprint, our passionate Skuna Bay farmers are dedicated to farm with the lowest possible impact and best possible fish welfare. Evolving science, new knowledge and innovative farming technologies help us improve and keep raising the bar.

Low-Carbon Food

low·carbon – adjective: A low-carbon activity, business, etc., is one that causes only small amounts of carbon dioxide to be added to the atmosphere

Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues we face today. Skuna Bay Salmon is a low carbon footprint operation doing our part in helping to reduce greenhouse gases. We have partnered with Terra Pass to purchase carbon offsets from projects that permanently remove CO2e emissions from the atmosphere. Every salmon sent to our customers travels completely carbon neutral, to our knowledge, the only salmon farmer in the world to do that! Together with Terra Pass we are making a difference.

James Beard Foundation

Our partnership with the James Beard Foundation began in 2012 when Skuna Bay became a House Purveyor of the James Beard House. Click below to learn about the foundation and all their great work
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Third-party certification is an important aspect of being accountable to the consumer. It means independent experts have audited and certified that farms are operating to best practice standards. Through certification by third party bodies, customers can be confident that Skuna Bay Salmon is committed to the environment, social integrity, the health of our salmon and the consumer.