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The annual culinary event of the year to recognize America’s top chefs happens May 2nd


GOLD RIVER, BC (May 2, 2016)— Skuna Bay Salmon, the award winning Craft Raised Salmon from Vancouver Island will be served at the James Beard Awards, the annual culinary trendsetting event held this year in Chicago, Ill on May 2. The James Beard Awards are held annually to celebrate the very best in America’s culinary scene and is considered the chef and restaurant equivalent of the Oscars.

“Skuna Bay is proud to be a partner of this trend setting event. We are delighted that some of the best chefs in America will be cooking with Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon,” said Dave Mergle, Founder of Skuna Bay Salmon.

The Skuna Bay partnership with the James Beard Foundation began in 2012 when Skuna Bay became a House Purveyor of the James Beard House. Over the past three years, Skuna Bay has been made available to dozens of chefs appearing for their special night to cook at the historic James Beard House. That successful relationship has developed further with Skuna Bay’s partnership at this year’s James Beard Awards.

“The James Beard Awards have long celebrated the top chefs and restaurateurs in America,” says JBF president Susan Ungaro. “Our Foundation appreciates Skuna Bay’s support of our mission and we look forward to their participation in our annual Awards.”

Representing Skuna Bay Salmon at this year’s Awards and serving Skuna Bay at the Awards Reception will be 2013 James Beard Award Winner as Best Chef Southwest Jennifer Jasinski.

Said Chef Jasinski,” I’ve been to the Skuna Bay farms and I’ve seen the pride the farmers put into their craft. Naturally I’m thrilled to cook with Skuna Bay Salmon at this year’s James Beard Awards in Chicago.”

Chef Jennifer has herself visited the Skuna Bay farms in the past and has cooked at the James Beard House in January, 2014 as a part of the chef team participating in Skuna Bay Salmon Seduction II.