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Skuna Bay Salmon is a "4-Star" BAP-Certified Operation, certified as sustainable by the Global Aquaculture Alliance for its Sea Farms, Hatchery, Feed Mill and Processing operations. Skuna Bay was the very first salmon farmer in the world to have multiple farms awarded with the Best Aquaculture Practices certification beginning with its first star, achieved in November, 2011 and continuing today with regular audits of all its farms and facilities. Global Aquaculture Alliance is the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood and the Best Aquaculture Practices standards are developed by a committee of diverse stakeholders including leading progressive environmental and related advocacy organizations.

The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s review process involved an audit of Skuna Bay’s social responsibility, food safety, animal welfare and traceability processes and systems and a visit to its farms. Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards for salmon farms incorporate ongoing guidelines and quantitative criteria for veterinary care, nets, and feed content and ratios.

We are incredibly proud to be the first salmon farm in the world to have multiple farms that have achieved this standard and certification successive certification for the rest of our value chain. Our craftsmen farmers share the same values as The Global Aquaculture Alliance - to provide healthful salmon using environmentally and socially responsible practices to help meet the growing global demand for sustainable and nutritious food sources. With Best Aquaculture Practices certification our chefs and their customers have the assurance that it’s raised and harvested responsibly.