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LOS ANGELES, April, 2012—A growing list of southern California’s best chefs now source their salmon from Skuna Bay. Restaurants such as Bouchon - Chef Jimmy Martinez, Nobu Los Angeles – Chef Alex Becker and Mezze – Chef Micah Wexler are just a few.

“Skuna salmon is an essential part to taking pressure off of the oceans and allowing wild fish stock to return to sustainable levels. It is a farm raised product that is grown with the environment in mind,” says Chef Wexler.

Drago Centro Chef Ian Gresik agrees and adds, “We use Skuna Bay Salmon because the fish are very fresh and flavorful.”

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From "The Chicagoist", Amy Cavanaugh

As the world’s population grows, finding sustainable sources for food is becoming increasingly important. Skuna Bay Salmon, a Vancouver Island salmon farm, has recently started sending its fish to Chicago, and chefs at restaurants like Atwood Café, Fish Bar, Maude’s Liquor Bar, Perennial Virant, and many others are getting shipments of the pristine flesh. We recently spoke with Managing Director Stewart Hawthorn and Director of Marketing Dave Mergle about Skuna Bay and why they’re bringing their fish to Chicago.

Chicagoist: You call your salmon “craft raised.” What exactly does that mean?

Stewart Hawthorn: For us it’s about recognizing the importance of the farmer. We have guidelines for people to help them make good decisions while farming, but we rely on the farmer to use his judgment. Skuna Bay is out in the middle of nowhere, so sometimes communication can be difficult. So we found people with great knowledge and experience and just let them farm. We’re a really small company, with a total of 100 staff and 50 on the farming side. So it’s a really intimate operation.




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