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Patrons throughout the Southwest and Midwest enjoyed B.C.’s best Wild Sockeye through Skuna Bay

Gold River, B.C., September 17, 2012 – As the wild sockeye season comes to a close, Skuna Bay’s Wild Sockeye seasonal selection has achieved great success. Offered exclusively in fine restaurants, nearly 3,900 pounds of this high quality wild Sockeye salmon have been sold throughout the U.S. Southwest and Midwest, demonstrating that Skuna Bay’s unique preparation practices could be applied to the best wild salmon from B.C.

During this year’s wild Sockeye season, delicious Skuna Bay Wild Sockeye was expertly prepared and proudly served to diners across these regions. The salmon was offered in a number of dishes created by 22 of the country’s top restaurants and was prepared by chefs in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, San Diego and Chicago.



GOLD RIVER, BC (September 11, 2012)— Skuna Bay Salmon was thrilled to introduce North America’s only Craft Raised Salmon to the more than 710,000 tennis fans from around the world who attended this year’s US Open held in Flushing Meadows, NY.

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, preparing fine cuisine for the third straight year at the US Open, featured Skuna Bay in his menu as Skuna Bay Craft Raised Charred Salmon served at Aces Restaurant. In addition to Aces, guests at the tennis tournament had the opportunity to try Skuna Bay Craft Raised Cedar Plank Salmon at David Burke’s Champions Bar & Grill as well as other concessions and food outlets provided by Levy Restaurants.

“It was a great thrill to see Vancouver Island’s Craft Raised Salmon discovered by thousands of new fans at the premier tennis event in the United States,” said Dave Mergle, Director, Skuna Bay Salmon. “Skuna Bay has great chef ambassadors and culinary partners throughout the country and it is exciting to continue to work with world-class chefs at such a high-profile event. We were proud to bring our customers to experience our salmon in person at one of the world’s greatest sporting experiences”



By TRACY SHERLOCK, Vancouver Sun August 28, 2012

Vancouver Island’s Skuna Bay Seafood will be providing its farmed B.C. salmon for the dining rooms at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship in New York this week.

Stewart Hawthorn, managing director and head farmer with Skuna Bay, said the company is thrilled to have its fish being served at the prestigious event. He declined to say what the exclusive deal is worth, but said Skuna Bay would be shipping about 800 fish (about 8,000 pounds) to New York for the championship.

“For us, this isn’t really about the money. We are making a profit on these fish, but what’s really exciting is that this is farm-raised salmon from B.C. being eaten at one of the top sporting events in the world,” Hawthorn said. “They saw what we are doing and they wanted to be part of it. This is a real endorsement.”



GOLD RIVER, BC (August 27, 2012)— Skuna Bay Salmon is proud to be the exclusive salmon served at this year’s US Open, as Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon will be served to guests at the popular tennis tournament held August 27 through September 9 in Flushing Meadows, NY.

Skuna Bay Salmon will be incorporated into the private catering menu for players, staff, VIPs and sponsors and in addition the tournament will offer Skuna Bay through concessions and other food outlets. Skuna Bay joins brands like, Moet & Chandon, Grey Goose, Ben & Jerry’s and Stonyfield, that will be offered at the elite US Open.

“Since Skuna Bay Salmon has launched in New York City, we have established key partnerships with organizations like the James Beard Foundation, and now the US Open Tennis Tournament,” said Dave Mergle, Director, Skuna Bay Salmon. “Chefs and consumers have responded very well to the consistent quality of our salmon. We are thrilled to have a world famous venue to introduce Skuna Bay Salmon to tennis fans from around the country.”



August 23, 2012 By: Barbara Payne, (

Chef Giuseppe Scuratto, a master of refreshingly inventive dishes and tasty wine pairings, invited the Skuna Bay folks to let him exercise his skills on their product at his far-north-Chicago restaurant known as Ceres’ Table, 4882 N. Clark. On an evening to remember, he showed his true Italian form as he showcased salmon from the almost-like-wild fish farms of Hudson Bay, Canada.

Branded as Skuna Bay, the featured salmon grow in the same cold waters where the wild salmon live. But once they arrive at Skuna Bay (SB), these salmon live with experienced fish farmers watching closely over them and their environment for any signs of distress. What could be bad about this? The Fortune Fish people import SB for fine Chicago restaurants.