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Skuna Bay Salmon will once again tantalize your tastebuds with this years Chef lineup. 

Representing some of the country’s most well-known culinary centers, Chef Jason McClain from the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, CA; Chef Sarah Rinkavage from Marisol in Chicago, IL; Chef Miro Uskokovic from the Gramercy Tavern in New York, NY; Chef Noah Sandoval from the Oriole in Chicago, IL; Chef Max Cavaleri from the NY Times and Chef Sylva Senat from Maison208 in Philadelphia, PA will be featured at the prestigious Beard House for the 6th annual “Salmon Seduction” dinner on October 2, 2018. 

These chefs were selected not only because of their undeniable talent but also due to their passion and attention to detail applied to their creations. 
Akin to our Craftsman Farmers who are committed and passionate about raising the perfect salmon for these amazing Chefs.

To learn more about their stories, the chefs will be taking over our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned...

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