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Skuna Bay Salmon a Proud Seafood Watch Collaborator

The Craftsman Farmers of Skuna Bay are proud to join other responsible producers and sellers of seafood as a Seafood Watch Collaborator and Good Alternative on the Seafood Watch® list. For us at Skuna Bay Salmon, it’s gratifying to be recognized for our long and continuous commitment to responsible

rearing habits. After all when you raise salmon in its natural, ocean environment you have a responsibility to protect the waters in which you farm. That’s why we’ve implemented many unique things to help meet our goals. We fallow all farms after harvest and don’t restock any farm with fish until the seabed returns to its original condition. We have successfully reduced the use of wild fish in our feed and are now at (and almost below) a 1:1 “fish-in fish-out ratio”. We use a recyclable, corrugated carton and we offset all carbon generated in shipping to our customers so our fish travel carbon neutral. All of these practices and more help to keep our waters healthy.

While our Craftsman Farmers are excited about the new Seafood Watch yellow rating, they are far from satisfied. They won’t slow their constant improvement because the next step - a Best Choice/green listing still has to be achieved. Lots more work to do. But today is a good day. To our Craftsman Farmers it means doing things carefully, vigilantly, responsibly is the right way.©


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