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“Good morning:  On Wed Apr 22, my wife and I were in an accident with our Olympic 33 motor vessel.  We had run into a rock in Okisollo Channel.  We contacted the Coast Guard who immediately relayed a message to local boaters that we needed assistance.  A reply came back right away from your location in Barnes Bay.  Nigel Frazee and Anthony Reynolds were quickly onsite with one of your skiffs and a water pump.  They got the pump going and towed us across the channel to Diamond Cove where we were able to tie up to a wharf.  They ensured our safety and then left.

 We were so relieved to have their rapid response.  Nigel and Anthony were so professional, helpful and calm.  We want to express our gratitude to them and to let you know how much we appreciate their assistance.  We would ask that you please pass our thanks on to them.  They made a bad situation much better.

If there are any charges associated with this rescue, please let us know.

Very Sincerely,
Michael and Holly Finn

Campbell River”