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Gold River, B.C.:

After an exhaustive review of dozens of entries by talented chefs from all over North America, the 30 competing chefs and their dishes have been chosen. These 30 chefs will proceed into the head to head competition rounds beginning March 22, 2013 in Vancouver and 8 other competitions in Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Chicago, Denver, Pittsburgh, New York City and Minneapolis.

"These decisions were incredibly tough for the judges," said Dave Mergle, Director for Skuna Bay Salmon. "Not only were these dishes incredibly creative and unique but their execution was outstanding as well. Some of the decisions were knife-edge."

Following the first round of 9 competitions, 10 chefs will emerge and continue on to one of the two semi-finals in April - one in Chicago on April 15th and one in Los Angeles on April 18th. Out of that, 2 chefs will be chosen to travel to Louisville, Kentucky and go head to head one final time. Each will be paired with a Mentor Chef, 2 prominent chefs to be announced soon, who are at the top of their game. Both of these Mentor Chefs were named as finalists this week for the upcoming James Beard Awards.



GOLD RIVER, BC (March 7, 2013)— Effective immediately, Skuna Bay Salmon will neutralize carbon emissions from all freight shipments with carbon offsets purchased through Terra Pass. Adopting this policy further advances Skuna Bay’s commitment to protect the environment through responsible stewardship and practices.

“It was important to our Craftsman Farmers that we at Skuna Bay continue to innovate and advance our environmental processes and commitment. A low carbon footprint is one positive way we can do that. As Skuna Bay’s availability expands across North America, it is important to us that we maintain our commitment to ocean-caught freshness while practicing environmental stewardship. Offsetting our freight carbon emissions allows us to grow, service chefs and remain carbon neutral for our freight. We challenge our competitors to do the same.” said Stewart Hawthorn, Head Farmer.



HOW DOES IT WORK: Chefs enter their most amazing Skuna Bay Salmon recipe along with a photo. 30 chefs will be selected. On March 20th these 30 chefs will be announced.

THEN: 10 competitions will be held across America with 3 chefs at each competition cooking their Skuna Bay dish against each other. 1 chef at each event will emerge and head to one of 2 National Semi-Finals: in LA or Chicago

AT THE SEMI-FINALS: Winning chefs from the first round events will again compete head to head at one of each Semi-Final event. One chef at each Semi-Final will win - and travel to Louisville, KY for the Finals.

LOUISVILLE, KY: Each finalist chef will be paired with a Mentor Chef who will guide them through the final round and help with the recipe and support. On May 1, 2013, in front of 16 peer chefs the Finalist Chefs will go head to head in the kitchen for the win - and recognition in a national ad in Saveur Magazine


GOLD RIVER, BC (February 18, 2013)— Skuna Bay Salmon has been selected as the “Salmon of Choice” of the historic Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs Racetrack. This year’s race is the 139th annual “Run for the Roses,” occurring on Saturday, May 4, 2013.

“We at Skuna Bay are incredibly proud to have been selected as the ‘Salmon of Choice’ for the world’s most well-known, and historic, horse race and venue. The Kentucky Derby is iconic in sports and culture. It is amazing that the 139th running of America’s Race will include some of the best chefs in North America, serving Craft Raised Salmon from British Columbia,” said Dave Mergle, Director of Skuna Bay Salmon.

The Skuna Bay partnership with the Kentucky Derby began in late 2012 after the culinary team at Churchill Downs, including chefs from Levy Restaurants, the service provider, had a chance to sample the salmon. They determined that the quality of the salmon met the Kentucky Derby’s high standards of excellence. Skuna Bay was then invited to become a preferred partner and have its Craft Raised Salmon served at the Kentucky Derby and year-round at Churchill Downs.



By: Stephanie March | Posted: January 23, 2013,

It’s not often I get invited to a salmon launch. Did I think we’d be cracking a bottle of Dom over a fish head and tossing it down the street? No … not really.

But there I was at Borough with some chefs, a few media pals, and some Canadians. There’s a new fish in town and you might be seeing a lot more of it, so without further ado I give you Skuna Bay salmon from Vancouver.

Here’s the deal, it’s farm-raised salmon, which often puts a little record skreech in the middle of our conversation as you “wuh?” and give me the stink eye. But even though I’m not a fan of Skuna Bay’s tagline of “craft raised salmon” (too much craft this and craft that) the bottom line is the fish is smart and the fish is good. They only select one purveyor per market and have partnered with our local The Fish Guys to bring it here. The salmon are raised in the glacial waters off of Vancouver Island, I met Steve one of the fish farmers who was a guy who appreciated the grizzlies and eagles aspect of his job as much as the three hour by boat commute. When ready, the whole fish is cleaned and chilled by hand, by one of only six guys who pack it in recyclable packaging (no Styrofoam) that is sealed and then driven to the chef. Yes, they drive their fish to us in order to best control the temperature and they claim to measure a smaller carbon footprint than those who ship via air and truck.