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Samuel’s & Son Seafood to Represent Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon

GOLD RIVER, B.C. (August 6, 2012)— Fulfilling its goal of bringing Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon to as many chefs as possible throughout the country, Skuna Bay Salmon has partnered with distributor Samuel’s & Son Seafood to expand into the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The salmon will be available to high-end restaurants in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Virginia beginning on August 6, 2012. The East Coast expansion creates a near-national footprint for North America’s only Craft Raised Salmon, as Skuna Bay is now available in 19 states and can be purchased by approximately half of the U.S. population. Skuna Bay Salmon was initially launched in the Southwest in November 2011 and has since been successfully introduced in the West, Midwest and Great Lakes regions of the United States. Today, the salmon can now be found at more than 325 high-end restaurants in major urban markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, St. Louis, Denver, Detroit, Milwaukee and Indianapolis.

Skuna Bay Salmon is excited to welcome Samuel’s & Son Seafood into their team of distributor partners. Skuna Bay carefully selects their distribution partners and Samuel’s & Son Seafood was chosen due to their reputation for quality, sustainable sourcing and their outstanding ability to maintain the cold chain. A commitment to quality from distribution partners is imperative to ensuring freshness, as Skuna Bay Salmon’s unique system of inspecting, selecting, preparing and packing plus its patented and recyclable packaging gives chefs the, “fresh-from-the-ocean” experience.

“The expansion into the Mid-Atlantic region with Samuel’s & Son Seafood is groundbreaking for Skuna Bay, as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to increasing the availability of Craft Raised Salmon to as many chefs and consumers as possible,” said Stewart Hawthorn, Head Farmer, Skuna Bay Salmon. “There are so many fine restaurants between New York City and Washington D.C. and we are excited to work with the many talented chefs throughout the region.” "At Samuel’s & Son, we pride ourselves in being a supplier of the finest seafood and we are committed to working with farmers who are dedicated to providing the highest quality product," said Joe Lasprogata, Vice President of New Product Development and Food Safety, Samuel’s & Son Seafood. "Skuna’s Craft Raised Salmon provides our customers with a great tasting, superior quality salmon that is incomparable to anything else on the market.”

Skuna Bay Craft Raised Salmon is reared in the pristine waters off the coast of Vancouver Island by a dedicated, passionate team of craftsmen farmers. Skuna Bay is advocated by well known chefs Ian Gresik of Drago Centro in Los Angeles, Stephanie Izard of Girl & the Goat in Chicago, and Lee Hillson of T. Cook’s at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix. Walter Abrams, Executive Chef, at Le Bec-Fin in Philadelphia is excited to incorporate Skuna Bay Salmon into his menu.

“Filleting your own fish is a forgotten art and Skuna Bay Salmon is bringing it back,” said Chef Abrams. “Working with the fish from beginning to end brings a new meaning to the dish. With such a quality product the end result is bound to be exquisite.” Skuna Bay Salmon’s exclusive distribution partners throughout the United States include Santa Monica Seafood (Southwest), Fortune Fish (Midwest and Great Lakes), Seattle Fish Co. (Colorado and Kansas) and Euclid Fish Co. (Ohio), Gotham Seafood Corp. (New York City) and now Samuel’s and Son Seafood (Mid-Atlantic, New York City and Pennsylvania).