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Gold River, BC (Nov 12, 2015) – Skuna Bay Salmon, the award winning Craft Raised Salmon from Vancouver Island is sending its Craftsman Farmers on a National Tour to cities including Chicago, Miami, New York, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. With the support of Skuna Bay’s exclusive distributors at each destination, the Skuna Bay Craftsman Farmers will be visiting chefs and retailers across America. In addition to visiting restaurants and retail locations, salmon sampling receptions with guest speakers will be held in select destinations where consumers will get to meet the Farmers, listen to guest speakers and view the new Skuna Bay video series “What it Takes to Bring Skuna Bay Salmon to Market”.

 “We’re extremely proud to be representing Skuna Bay on the road and to have the opportunity to interact with the chefs who make decisions every day on what to serve their customers,” said Steve Munro, Skuna Bay Craftsman Farmer. “It is an opportunity to educate on the importance of raising salmon in its natural environment and to discuss everything from farm-to-table practices to seafood sustainability.”

The Craftsman Farmer tour will be held at Perennial Virant in Chicago (Nov 12, 2015), Sarabeth’s Park Avenue South in New York, Zaytinya in Washington D.C., Mignonette in Florida, Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA, and a North California venue for December to be announced separately. Special Guests include Farmer Lee Jones of The Chef’s Garden, Chef Joe Johnson of The Cecil Harlem, Brian Van Flandern of Creative Cocktail Consultants, Chef Michael Costa of Zaytinya, Dr. Jerry Schubel from the Aquarium of the Pacific, Kim Thompson of Seafood for the Future.

“Our goal as Skuna Bay Craftsman Farmers has not only been to raise the perfect salmon, but also to provide a sustainable seafood source to help reduce the pressure on wild salmon stocks so we can ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy great salmon for years to come ” said Richard Wadden, Skuna Bay Craftsman Farmer. “It is always exciting to listen to our chefs’ wants, needs and issues and to be able to hopefully come away with some new ideas.”

Representing Skuna Bay Salmon on the Craftsman Farmer Tour all the way from the Skuna Bay sea-farms in British Columbia will be Craftsman Farmer Steve Munro, John Mills, Kyle McCall, Mike Cooper, Blair Billard and Richard Wadden.