Santa Monica Seafood


Chef Paddy is the proud Southern California representative at the James Beard Skuna Bay Salmon Seduction Dinner II at the James Beard House on February 6, 2014, preparing passed appetizers of Dory Fleet Conch and California Swordfish Bacon encornets with Skuna Roe and Main Course of Red Fleshed Apple cured Skuna Bay Salmon on pickled Bosc Pears with Connelly Gardens Micro Cilantro and Red Amaranth, Yuzu-Truffle Vinagrette.

Patrick “Paddy” Glennon has been in the restaurant business for over 26 years but that has not diminished his passion when he describes food, the environment and sustainability. As an award-winning chef with culinary experience from over seven countries, he is Vice President of Sales at Santa Monica Seafood, the largest distributor of seafood in the southwestern United States. Passionate about responsible food sourcing, he founded the non-profit, Culinary Liberation Front, a group of chefs who join forces within their respective communities to promote environmental initiatives in the restaurant industry. Known to many as the “Food Warrior”, his enthusiastic personality has been featured on several television shows, magazines and is a constant speaker and educator on sustainable initiatives. Dedicated to addressing important topics such as greenwashing and food fraud, he is also a mentor and source of guidance to a multitude of southern California chefs. Paddy is owner of Europa Specialty Sausages and a developmental line of healthy dining options that are ground-breaking in their formulas. Paddy’s career began at the age of 19, when he secured a position as Poisonier (fish cook) with consulting Chef Jacques Maximin (Meiller Ouvrerier De France) and Chef Bruno Cirino at the Meridian Hotel, Newport Beach, CA. During Paddy's tenure with Chefs Maximin & Cirino, Restaurant Antoine was listed by Zagat as one of the top five restaurants in the United States. The ever-explosive and passionate Chef Cirino became his mentor, and guided his culinary training through a six-year period in France. Chef Paddy trained in the kitchens of Jacques Maximin (Negresco, Nice), Alain Ducass (Hotel Juana, Juan les Pines), Christian Plumaeil (Auberge de l'Esterel), Roger Verger (Moulin de Mougins, Vence) and Bruno Cirino (Le Grand Hotel, Saint Jean del Luz). All are still considered some of the greatest chefs of our modern era. Paddy's entrepreneurial drive would then led him to open, operate, and sell restaurant concepts in Los Angeles and the East Coast. Paddy resides in Dana Point, California with his wife Christina and their six children.

Chef Paddy visited the Skuna Bay farms in June, 2012