Photo Gallery


An important part of what we do is transparency. Here are some great photos from our trip this week showing our farms to some of our key partners including Chef Chris diving with our fish to see for himself the enormous space for our fish to swim. We got lucky with the weather...


First and foremost, this is about feeding people. But not just feeding people - giving chefs the quality fish they need in order to give their customers a great salmon dining experience. But it's not just about that either. It's about helping to reduce pressure on wild fish stocks while we do this. It is about careful, craft-raised standards, it is about finding the best natural ocean water for our salmon. It is about giving the craftsman farmer the respect he deserves for standing out there in the teeth of mother nature watching his fish grow to the right size over the 3 year period it takes to raise them. To do that it is about developing a way to ensure that that beautiful salmon the farmer pulls out of the water is delivered to the chef in the same condition: fresh-from-the-ocean. It is about traceability. It is about finding a box that can be recycled.