Photo Gallery

Skuna Bay feels proud to be featured at the historic Beard House for the 6th Annual "Salmon Seduction" dinner on October 2nd, 2018. In contrast with previous years, Salmon Seduction VI was no less, when it comes to unique dinner experience. Chefs created a stunning array of versatile salmon dishes, leaving the guests in awe.

Each in their own unique way, our line-up of Chefs this year developed jaw-dropping Skuna Bay Salmon dishes...

Chef Noah Sandoval 
Shiso-Wrapped Skuna Bay Salmon with Yuzu Sabayon, Finger Limes, and Herbs

Chef Sylva Senat 
House-Cured Skuna Bay Salmon with Pastrami Dust, Turmeric-Carrot Puree, Microgreens, and Millet Canele

Chef Sarah Rinkavage 
Steamed Skuna Bay Salmon with Pumpkin Broth, Crowder Peas and Chinese Broccoli

Chef Max Cavaleri 
Skuna Bay Salmon Sausage with Lentils, Apple, Fennel and Grape Mostarda

Chef Jason McClain 
Pan-Roasted Skuna Bay Salmon Fillet with Weiser Family Farms Beets, Roasted Sunchokes, Horseradish Yogurt, and Lava Cashew Dust

Chef Miro Uskokovic 
Chocolate-Hazelnut Custard with Vanilla Cream and Raspberry Jam

These chefs were selected because of their undeniable talent, passion and attention to detail, which they proved through their mesmerizing creations at the dinner. Akin to our Craftsman Farmers who are committed and passionate about raising the perfect salmon for these amazing Chefs.