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NAME: Blair Billard AGE: 41
FARM: Nootka Sound farms – Williamson, Concepcion, Atrevida, Muchalaht South
REGION: West Coast Vancouver Island
YEARS AS A SALMON FARMER: 16 WHY YOU BECAME A SALMON FARMER: I have always been fascinated with the life cycle of salmon and have been working with them all of my life….. Salmon conservation, salmon enhancement, and then salmon farming. Salmon farming was a natural direction for me to take and I’m both happy, and proud to be a part of raising food for the world in a sustainable way. WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT RAISING SALMON IN THE OCEAN: I have the most beautiful office setting in the world. Some of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in nature happened while I was on the salmon farm in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve seen whales, dolphins, eagles, seals, sea lions, bears, and wolves just to name a few.

WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT: I am passionate about my farm, to make sure we are doing a great job growing our fish. I am passionate about my children and about being a part of their lives as they grow and experience life adventures for the first time. Mostly I am passionate about people in general; I love to know what they are passionate about. MOST AMAZING THING YOU HAVE SEEN WORKING ON A SKUNA BAY’S FARMS: The most amazing thing I have ever experienced on a salmon farm was being so close to an Orca whale I could have touched it with my hand. BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE DAILY: I love to make the most of every day and this is often an ambitious goal. BEST MEMORY: Being able to share with my wife the birth of our first child. I’ll never forget the feeling of joy and responsibility that came flooding in as I held him for the first time. THING YOU ARE MOST PROUD ABOUT: My journey in life so far is what I am most proud of. Raising salmon in its natural ocean environment is a big part of that.