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For more than 2 years we Craftsman Farmers of Skuna Bay have been proudly raising great salmon for great chefs. In doing this we have used our experience, our knowledge and generally our love for what we do to ensure that every time the chef receives their box of Skuna Bay in their kitchen, the fish in that carton arrive in 'fresh-from-the-ocean' condition. That has been the mission and we have searched for ways (small and large) to control every little variable that can affect that experience.

Doing this and seeing the chefs' response to our work has been very rewarding and it motivates us to continue doing what we are doing: improving and driving for better results for our chef customers.

Yet for these past few months we have been reminded that ultimately we Craftsman Farmers can't control everything, especially Mother Nature. We have been harvesting at a farm since last December that has consistently given us challenges that are

making it hard for us to hold up our end of the bargain: the farm itself is underperforming. And it is making it harder and harder each week to ensure that each fish that gets to the chef is perfect. Naturally this is concerning to us and it cannot just continue as is.

We realize that because of these challenges at this farm that for the next few months we can't meet everyone's demand for fish and hold our high standards. By trying to meet everyone's demands lately we have let some people down. Therefore, regretfully, until July we are going to shrink our business by about 30% and reduce the number of fish that are selected for Skuna Bay. This will require us to stop servicing some markets and it means the remaining markets will have less fish made available. Yet we think it's best that we do this to ensure that those fish that our chefs receive, meet their expectations.

We do not do this lightly - we know that some customers will be disappointed and we don't like doing that. We also know that it will put a strain on our great distributor partners who are on the front lines every day working with our chef customers and that they have also helped create the expectation for excellence. We know that missing orders means not delivering with excellence and for that we are sorry to our distributor partners who are such an important part of this mission.

We hope you will understand that if you cannot get the same access to Skuna Bay that you normally would, that is because we did not want to send you fish that would not meet your expectations. And know that we Craftsman Farmers are working twice as hard to get the next farm ready so that once again soon, every chef can get as much great salmon as they need.

This isn't great news Chefs but ultimately this is about setting a standard that demands nothing less than the best and we are here to do that for the long term - even if it means short term disappointment. We hope you will understand.