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This week our standards and our commitment was tested. It wasn't easy for our Craftsman Farmers. But they refused to compromise their standards and fly our fish to the market.

Here's what happened: - one of our customers had an administrative snafu this week and their order was held up in their outbox: the order was missed - when we discovered this important order was missed we had a choice: fly the fish to market, miss the order or send another truck.

WE NEVER FLY OUR FISH. Our Craftsman Farmers are serious about this because in addition to helping us keep our carbon footprint low (sending fish on a plane pumps out tons of carbon - sending it on a truck is better), it ensures we keep control of the cold chain and ensure our fish are never left on a tarmac somewhere.

We also think customers should see a benefit from these high standards and not be penalized - so missing the order was out of the question.

We hired a truck. And it cost us $6,000 to move 32 salmon from Gold River to New York City. That is $187.50 per fish. It would have been cheaper and quicker to send it on a plane. But the Craftsman Farmers don't think fish should fly.

We really hope the chefs like them!