Steve Munro



AGE: Old Enough 

REGION:Beautiful Nootka Sound

# YEARS AS A SALMON FARMER: 12 great years

WHY YOU BECAME A SALMON FARMER: Being a salmon farmer was a convenience at first, I needed a job.  If I had known how fulfilling the work was, I would have gone to school and pursed a career in aquaculture years ago.  I would still be salmon farming now

WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT FARMING SALMON IN THE OCEAN: Having the opportunity of working outdoors in some of the best waters in the world, while growing a viable resource for people to eat.

FAVORITE WAY TO EAT SALMON:All ways; raw, poached, barbequed, open fire, and baked.  There isn’t any way I wouldn’t eat salmon!

WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT: Family, friends, co-workers, and sports of all kinds.  I believe that what I do for a living helps people. It’s a great feeling.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE DAILY: Being away from my family.  It helps that I am working at something I love and having an understanding family

BEST MEMORY: The first time my family came out to stay in camp, which gave me the opportunity to show them what I do for a living.

THING YOU ARE MOST PROUD ABOUT: That I have had the opportunity of working with Skuna Bay, growing some of the best fish in the world.  I am proud of “our farm” and all the work that is done to produce a great product.  It is a team effort.